Pacific PvP Arena (Coming Soon)

The GRAND OPENING Tournament Will Be Held May 23, 2010. If You Want To Fight, Contact Me As Soon As Possible!

              Welcome to the official Pacific PvP Arena website. Whether you have an unquenchable thirst for blood or just want to have a nice quiet evening watching two people rip each other apart, the Pacific PvP Arena is the place for you. With bloody battles to the death, bets on every fight, and all the free UO liquor you can drink, its fun for the whole family. On the evening of every fight, we will have gates from the arena to Luna, Britain, and any other place that seems to be populated. This means that you can have a safe gate directly into the arena as long as you are not banned from the house. Admission is free, however, donations can be made through the first floor vendor. The vendor will sell books for 25k per. Buying donation books will give you a chance of winning door prizes. Bets can be placed on a fight inside the arena at any time before the start of the fight. I really want to emphasize that this arena is for everyone, not just PvPers. I highly encourage non-combat players to come watch the fights and place bets. I promise that we will do everything in our power to keep you as safe as possible.

A message to all PKers who think this will be a good opportunity to massacre a crowd of Trammies. First of all, there is not going to be a single event without enough help that if anyone so much as thinks about casting a spell, they will be removed from the house faster than they can get a single fireball off.  Second, I know that there are many PvPers out there that wish there was more excitement in Felucca. Well in order for that to happen, there must be more people PvPing. This is a chance to get new people aware of and involved in PvP, not to mention a chance to earn some gold. So before you try to attack someone for 8k in insurance and one more murder count, think about what this arena could bring to PvP in UO. Think of what you personally could gain in money and glory. You could be known not only in the ever declining PvP population, but in all of Pacific, as the best PvPer around.

The Pacific PvP Arena is located in Felucca on the Northeastern side of Ice Island at 108o 38'N 165o 10'W 

Contact Chainer : ICQ - 198-746-859

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