Pacific PvP Arena

Fighter Information

  • Fighters must register for the fight prior to the day of the event
  • Fighters can register either online or via ICQ
  • Fighters that wish to fight may leave a book with their name in the mailbox in front of the house
  • Being an official arena fighter is not required to fight, but a record will only be kept for official fighters
  • There is a fee of 1 Million (or less) to register for a fight which must be paid before the day of the fight
  • A normal fight will consist of three rounds, each to the death. For tournaments, the winner of the fight will advance to the next round based on one fight. If the fighters are in opposing factions, a single fight will consist of one single fight, but the entrance fee will be half of the normal entrance fee.
  • Each round will have a five minute time limit. If the fight exceeds the time limit, the round will be decided by a panel judges that will judge based on which player was at lower health longer.
  • The payout for a single fight will be based entirely on the fight. Each combatant will pay a 500k (250k if they are in opposing factions) gold entrance fee. The winner of that fight will then receive their entrance fee as well as the entrance fee of the player they defeated.
  • The stakes of a single fight may be raised if the combatants wish. Both combatants must agree upon the stakes.
  • The entrance fee may be lowered based upon request, provided another combatant also wishes to have their entrance fee lowered.
  • Tournaments will work in a similar manner, however all entrance fees will go into a pot. The winner of the tournament will receive 50% of the pot, second place will receive 35%,and third place will receive 15%.

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