Pacific PvP Arena

    Spectator Rules:
  • Absolutely NO casting outside of the combat area (you may recall on the first and second floor only)
  • Absolutely NO combat outside of the combat area
  • No Pets (not even mounts, real or ethereal)
  • No hiding/stealthing
  • No weapons are to be equipped outside the combat area
  • No explosive devices (certain exceptions may be made for combatants)
  • No standing in walkways
  • NO GRIEFERS (seriously)
  • No chewing gum
         Any failure to comply with any above rule with result in IMMEDIATE REMOVAL from the arena and and a ban of at least a week based on severity of offense. NO exceptions will be made.

  • Place bets as early as possible
  • Enter the arena through one of the back gates (Do not try to recall from a rune)
  • Wear decent armor
  • Bring an ethereal mount
  • Have everything insured or blessed

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